The Science of Being

About The Next Generation Lightbearers

The Science Of Being ~ Lightbearers World Center is the official website for the Original Lightbearers Organization first founded in 1921, by the Baron Eugene Fersen.

On June 24th 2004, the last Elder Secretary and legal heir of the original Lightbearers Organization and that of the Baron Eugene Fersen’s personal estate, Berenice L., appointed Laura Taylor-Jensen and Eugene Loher to be the two Acting Head Lightbearers (AHLB’s) and the official representatives who will carry out the duties and business for the Next Generation Lightbearers Organization and to maintain the Educational Estate for The Science Of Being Teachings written by Eugene Fersen for the present generation Lightbearers.

These two shall take the “Flame of Knowledge, Inspiration and Love,” out into the world to continue on the Lightbearer Lineage and share the teachings of “The Science Of Being,” knowledge with the people of the World.

“No load is too heavy to carry, if there is a need to carry it.
The Eternal gives us the Power.”
~ Eugene Fersen, The Lightbearer ~

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Lightbearer Holding the Flame of Love

“May The Flame Of Love Always Light Your Way”