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Rare Lightbearer Archives and Manuscripts

Here are a few photographs from the journey to collect the many hundreds of rare archives and manuscripts released to the Acting Head Lightbearers; The Next Generation Lightbearers.

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The Star for the New Age (Sixth Cycle)

Eugene Fersen Visits Montreal, March 29th, 1932
Rare Manuscript (example)

Rare archive letter from the Elder Chief Lightbearers
authenticating the artwork of: "The Lightbearer: The Morning Star"

Donated to the Next Generation Lightbearers by Ed S.

“The last message our teacher Eugene Fersen gave to humanity before he passed into the beyond.
This is NOT in public domain and is under copyright protection until 2072.

What They Said About The Book “Science of Being”

Outline of the 27 Lessons in the “Fundamental Principles of the Science of Being”

What they said about “Is there a GOD?” when it was first published.

The Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy and the Five-Pointed Star Exercise
Study more in the Lightbearers College Study Library

Rejuvenation Exercise
MP3 download available in the Lightbearers College Study Library

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Lightbearer Holding the Flame of Love

“May The Flame Of Love Always Light Your Way”