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Malcolm Thurnburn, a famous Scottish-Argentine Artist (although art critics have listed him as an English artist); was commissioned to make the lettering, ornamentations and the illustrations for Eugene Fersen’s book, “Science Of Being.” Mr. Thurnburn was known in the early 1900s as a famous backdrop artist for live stage productions for people such as Rudolph Steiner, and for the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara. Today Malcolm Thurnburn is recognized as a renowned Californian Artist.

The Lightbearer art is owned exclusively by the Next Generation Acting Head Lightbearers through a ‘Work-Made-For-Hire’ copyright, and granted by the last Elder Acting Head Lightbearer, Berenice L., heir to Eugene Fersen's work and estate.

The art work printed in the book "Science Of Being" can be used for the reproduction of the book only. The original cover art for the “Science Of Being” was “The Lightbearer Emblem”. The artwork, “The Mighty Spirit”, was used as the cover by companies who have reproduced the book since 1985. Lightbearer Art can not be reproduced for any purpose (other than the reproduction of the book) without our permission.













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“The Lightbearers Emblem”

The emblem of the “Science Of Being” is a representation of three six-pointed stars, one within the other, and a central balanced cross. The six-pointed star is the Star of Wisdom; the three stars, one within another, represents Wisdom on the Three Planes – Physical, Mental and Spiritual.         Read the whole story here.










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 “The Morning Star” - “The Lightbearer”
A Picture With a Soul

This picture is known as “The Morning Star” - depicting the Baron Eugene as “The Lightbearer.”  The many that taught him and learned from him, believed this idea of who he was, to be true. This picture was a collaborative art work of both Malcolm Thurnburn and the Princess Marie Eristoff-Kasak. It was originally commissioned by the Baron Eugene Fersen in this form and then later requested and gifted as a backdrop-mural-oil painting from the Granddaughter of President Van Bruen who studied Eugene’s teachings and traveled to hear him lecture when ever she could.

Read The Lightbearer explained.
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“The Awakening”

Man (Mind) having completed his cycle of evolution, rising on his wings of Inspiration amidst Rays of Light (Knowledge) toward the Supreme Goal, Perfection represented by a Seven-Pointed Star. The sentence below the illustration: “It was but a dream, and now you are awake,” means that when liberated from the dream of Ignorance and Superstition, Man (Mind) will awake to the Realities of Eternal and Boundless Life.

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“The Mighty Spirit”

Mind-Man represented as a mighty spirit, six-winged being, floating through luminous space, the flame of Inspiration over his head, his feet resting on rays of light (Knowledge), and his hands holding the six-pointed Star of Wisdom.

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Birth of the Absolute Spirit

“Birth of the Absolute Spirit”

The Sun (Center) of all Life, Intelligence, Truth and Love, from which individual Mind (Man) with his followers is breaking away (separation from the Great Principle, called the Fall of Man).

Lesson 1 of the Science of Being Course.










Life Energy I

“Life Energy I”

Life Energy as the Fundamental Power of all Creation: evolving a world.

Lesson 2 of the Science of Being Course.










The Relative Matter

“The Relative Matter”

The Human brain within a skull, pictured as a scroll within a temple. The Seven Laws are represented as seven golden flames guarding the entrance to the temple. Mind involved in Matter. Material interpretation of the Eternal Reality. The teachings of the incarnate soul.

Lesson 3 of the Science of Being Course.










Life Energy II

“Life Energy II”

The dispersing vapors (of Ignorance) disclosing the heavenly bodies (Eternal Powers).

Lesson 4 of the Science of Being Course.










Laws, Absolute and Relative

“Laws, Absolute and Relative”

The soaring of the human mind as birds into higher regions; the breaking away from material concepts through the Knowledge of Eternal Laws.

Lesson 5 of the Science of Being Course.










Mind Force

“Mind Force”

Mind (Man) revealed as a mighty spirit inspired from above, surrounded by Light (Knowledge) emerging from the clouds of Ignorance and Superstition

Lesson 6 of the Science of Being Course.










Spiritual Power

“Spiritual Power”

Perfect beings complete spheres, dwelling in Eternal Light, ascending throughout Eternity, through Infinite Space.

Lesson 7 of the Science of Being Course.










Assistance from the Divine Principle

“Assistance from the Divine Principle”

This art work shows the  Absolute Spirit, God our Father who is also our loving Mother - sending down to Earth the vibrations of the Laws of Love, with the hope that Humanity will re-remember what they are innately - Supreme Heavenly Beings.










Love & Inspiration

“Love & Inspiration”

This art work, a bowl with a flame being held up by two hands is known to the Lightbearers as "The Flame of Love and Inspiration."










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Grand Duchess Oil Painting










The following photographs and others featured on pages of our website,
were commissioned by the Acting Head Lightbearers.
They were taken by renown photographer, Phyllis Uitti-Maslin.

Please visit her website at:










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Home of Eugene Fersen & the Lightbearers College

This was the personal home of Baron Eugene Fersen; the Lightbearers College and meeting place for The Great Lightbearers Center also known as the Great Tower Of Light.










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Desk & Chair of Baron Eugene Fersen

This is the personal desk and chair of The Grand Master Teacher Baron Eugene Fersen. He commissioned a Master Carpenter to make this and one other for his sister the Queen Marie of Romania, to sit in when she came to visit him at the Great Lightbearers Center and his home in Seattle, Washington.










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Baron Eugene Fersen's Doorbell

This is the doorbell at the home of the Baron Eugene Fersen -The original Great Lightbearers Center. We often think of the many who rang this bell that came to learn the Grand Master Teachings of the “Science Of Being” knowledge.










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Fu Dog from Lightbearers College

This Fu Dog is one of two that were placed at the top of the stairs of the Great Lightbearers Center and Eugene’s home. Fu Dogs are believed in as the civilian door gods. They are placed in a pair to provide ultimate protection, to guard against evil spirits and harmful people, to nourish chi that enters homes and to bring in happy blessings. Their protective powers are deemed symbolic rather than actual and they are said to keep the bad chi away.










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Quan Yin from the Baron's Personal Sanctuary

This Quan Yin was carved from one single piece of Jade and was in the Baron Eugene’s personal sanctuary.









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