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All Science Of Being ~ Lightbearers Centers have been officiated by the Science Of Being Lightbearers World Center - The Great Tower Of Light.  Each center has Chief Lightbearers and accredited teachers who have agreed to uphold and authentically teach with the highest integrity, as it is written, the teaching of the Science Of Being.  It is the duty of the Lightbearers to further advance and then make public our scientific and Spiritual findings, knowledge and wisdom so as to serve and assist Humanity to further advance and Eternally evolve.  Each Lightbearer Center operates in business independently from the Lightbearers World Center and in compliance with the Laws of their State and Country.  Lightbearer Centers will uphold the duties and practices found in our Lightbearers Constitution.

The Lightbearers World Center ~ The Great Tower Of Light
PO Box 1223, Sumas, WA  98295, USA
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The Science Of Being ~ Lightbearers VA Center
PO Box 20588, Roanoke, Virginia 24018, USA

The Lightbearers Center

The Science Of Being ~ Lightbearers New Zealand Center
Message from our New Zealand Lightbearers Center CLBs
561c Waingaro Road, RD 1, Ngaruawahia, New Zealand



When I wrote our Constitution many people opposed and criticized me for the word “Organization” and they offered all kinds of suggestions. Yet I especially used that word “Organization” and maintained it, because the World is organized, the Universe is organized and as we are teaching the human mind, we have to organize. And that which is to help organization must be called “Organization.” No other word could replace it properly.

As long as the Lightbearers remain on this Earth, they will be called an Organization and never anything else. There is in that word law and order, which Humanity lacks, and of which we try to show to Humanity the necessity through Enlightenment. Enlightenment must come first, then Liberation.

~ Eugene Fersen ~

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