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Public Healings
as held by Eugene Fersen;   ... and “The Healing Sphere”


This page is dedicated by and to Svetozar Baron Eugene Fersen for the continued healing of the past, present and the future of Humanity. Svetozar used the “Healing Sphere” to heal individuals who would come to him for healing assistance; this is an ancient practice and one that the Lightbearers used and taught – and we feel strongly that we should continue with this tradition.

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The link that you can access on this page is the Lightbearers “Healing Sphere,” where you, the visitor, can request a healing (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) for oneself. The following “Healing Sphere” on this page can be used ONLY for self-healing.

When you are ready to go to the “Healing Sphere” be very clear of your intent; write it down, and when you are ready to follow these steps provided below then click on the link to the “Healing Sphere.”



    • Be very clear of your request and your intent.
    • When you see the “Healing Sphere” breathe in the colors; when you are ready place yourself visually and mindfully into the Sphere, see yourself standing in the “Healing Sphere” – feel the presence of The Great Law – God present in the sphere with you; then call upon the Universal Life Force to fill the “Healing Sphere” and your entire being.
    • Out loud - clearly speak your intent for your healing need.
    • After you have spoken your intentions, the invocation below should follow; after you read the invocation stay with these words and in the “Healing Sphere” for a minimum of four minutes up to however long you feel the need:

“I have great TRUST and FAITH in The Great Law – God; with that TRUST and FAITH I know that it is my birthright to be WORTHY of a pure body, mind and soul – free from any disease, discomfort or lack of JOY.

I am now in the Sphere of All Power, Abundance, Wisdom, Law, Truth, Harmony, Protection, Healed, Freed, Guided, Sustained and Protected by the Great Law - God's Love."

click here to see the Healing Sphere
Click here to see the Healing Sphere


“May The Flame Of Love Always Light Your Way”

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