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History of The Lightbearers

This is the OFFICIAL website for the original Lightbearers Organization which is an International Educational, Scientific, Non-Sectarian, Non-Political, Humanitarian Organization that was founded on December 14, 1921 by Eugene Fersen. Eugene’s mission was to show people, regardless of Race, Nationality, Creed or Belief, how to obtain, through the teachings of the “Science Of Being”, the finest and best out of life Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually with abundance and harmony in all three areas.

The Elder Lightbearers of the early 1900s, were a group of people committed to living, studying and sharing the “Science Of Being” teachings, that Eugene Fersen came to share with the world. These lessons are the most powerful healing tools and the greatest gift Humankind could ever embrace – “God’s Laws” also known as “The Laws of the Universe - The Universal Laws.”

The Great Lightbearers World Center and College, also known as the Great Tower of Light -- Eugene Fersen’s private estate, was located in Seattle, Washington -- with Lightbearers Centers worldwide. The estate is now owned by private homeowners. See more photos of the initial Great Lightbearers Center on our page entitled Lightbearers Art.

Home of Baron Eugene Fersen and The Great Lightbearer Center

There were many Elder Lightbearers  who had professions and/or held titles such as Attorneys, Doctors, Judges, Housewives, Professional Musicians, Actresses, Real Estate Brokers, Business Owners, Writers, Psychologists, Scientists, and Politicians. The many who were touched by the teachings of the “Science Of Being”, knew they were gifted with a rare opportunity in their time to learn, understand, practice and live something that would set them free from the conventional teachings that did not offer them Peace of Heart, Mind and Soul.

It was reported that the Lightbearers Organization dissolved but it was Berenice L’s (the last Acting Head Lightbearer, legal heir to Eugene Fersen's estate) last wish that the organization would not dissolve and that the Lightbearers would go on with out a break in the lineage. On June 4th, 2004, Berenice passed Eugene Fersen’s Educational Estate and the Lightbearers Organization to Eugene Loher and Laura Taylor-Jensen -- the two new Acting Head Lightbearers (AHLBs) and official representatives of the Next Generation Lightbearers.

Official Lightbearers Centers: Update

There are many second, third, fourth and now fifth generation Lightbearers alive today. With each generation comes a greater need for the reemergence of the teachings of the “Science Of Being” - The Universal Laws - God’s True Laws. We live in times where we need to reach out with love and understanding once again; as Eugene said in one of his rare lectures “We must go door to door - city to city - and - nation to nation spreading the teachings of “The Great Law.”  The Lightbearers will continue to carry the Flame of Love and these teachings into the future for the benefit of humanity.

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Lightbearer Holding the Flame of Love

“May The Flame Of Love Always Light Your Way”